Parent Coaching with Katie

Empowering Your Parenthood Journey To Raise Happy, Connected Young People

Be The Parent You Always Wanted

When Your Child’s Big Emotions Become too Overwhelming

Parenting can take us by surprise. And one thing we all have in common is the desire for our children to thrive.

Imagine how life would feel, if you were able to parent in a peaceful confidence where your child felt safe to be themselves.

A mother and son cuddling and smiling

Stuck in family Chaos? Let’s Re-Build Connection, love & Joy within your family.

Gain confidence in the ability to handle the challenging moments, without losing it!

Do you find yourself yelling, but no one actually hears you. Have you found yourself totally disconnected and lost?

I Hear you, and I got you. Because, I know. I know just how you feel. Ive been there too. Parent coaching with Katie will help you;

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Invest In Your Sanity & Your Child’s Wellbeing

As your parenting mentor, I will help you to overcome those guilt ridden thoughts and change them into proactive behaviours. With my help we can navigate the cause of the meltdowns.                   Set clear boundaries, build positive communication with collaboration. Encourage emotional regulation and create a peaceful, harmonious home.  

The Hand Hold

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Choose between a 45 minute or a 90 minute mentoring session. 1-1 dedicated solution driven and perfect for any area’s in parenting you seem to be stuck with

I’ll hold your hand and listen to you whilst we go through what’s on your mind and the areas you want to change.  Anything that challenges you will be met with a non-judgemental ear

I will be your guide and offer strategic solutions and possible triggers, you as the parent can work on. Pay as you go follow ups available. 


The Village

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8 weekly group coaching with a virtual room full of like minded parents who want to nurture their home life.  Learn and laugh together as we navigate challenging world of parenting.

When you need to rant with other parents who know what you are going through, but also know there are better ways to handle the challenging times, there will always be a willing ear.

Includes a 1 hour 1-1 with myself and a  WhatsApp chat with the other parents in the group to keep you motivated and supported.


The Biggest Hug

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Gain the biggest breakthrough in your parenting yet with this bespoke  10 week 1-1 mentor support package. Plus access to a full online parenting course with video’s and workbooks. 

Comprehensive action plan, nurturing you through the success’s , challenges and everyday moments within your parenting.  Developmental,  science and responsive based. 

Weekly coaching calls,  Action plans and surviving the week strategies.  Run alongside the online course for more structured coaching . 


Parent Coaching with Katie

Flourish Together

Sleep Consultation Support Available

All plans will suit the needs of your family. Cheshire face to face or remote support. I’m here to hold your hand along the way and throughout your baby and child sleep consultation

African baby dressed in white sleeping with his hand under his head. Contented.
Newborn Sleep Shaping

Set the ideal environment for sleep success 

Caucasian family, Mum, Dad and small baby. All laydown on a bed sleeping peacefully. Parents ask What is my baby saying?
In-Home Consultations

Face to face within Cheshire for that personal touch. 

remote baby sleep consultations
Remote Consultations

Sleep support from the comfort of your own home, near or far.

White mother with blond hair cuddling her child on the sofa.

Respite and hands on guidance. choose up to 3 night packages. 

Be social with other Mums and help your family too...

Group and private classes held within Cheshire. 

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