Newborn Nurture And the fourth Trimester

Newborn nurture  for the fourth trimester is THE class for all new parents or parents to be. 

It is a wonderfully nurturing course that will empower all new and inexperienced parents. We look at the benefits of touch to attachment. I will teach you the foundations of infant mental health during the first 1001 days. 

We will myth bust

Out with the old wives tales, In with love! 

I will teach you how to ease colicky babies, and why they may be colicky.

We will explore early sleep patterns and how to promote relaxation. 

This course is taught online. 

You will receive all course materials with PDF and video support. 

I will add you to a special Facebook group where you will find other new parents all supporting each other. 

I will do 5 weekly live sessions where I will teach you  gentle massage, still touch, containment holds and much more. You will have the opportunity for question and answer sessions, so please have your questions ready! 





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Newborn Nurture Classes

The first 1001 days

Is a campaign about the importance of the emotional wellbeing of babies.

This vision is that every baby has loving and nurturing relationships within the family and society they are born. 

The first 1001 days are critical for a life time of emotional wellbeing and development.

Early touch and attachment

Being held, touched and massaged is a natural intuitive way to nurture babies to adjust to the outside world.  A gentle loving touch is essential for their physical and emotional development. Touch is also essential for babies’survival and should be central to any care that babies receive. gentle touch has positive effects on newborns such as more regulated sleep, distress and activity. Touch stimulates the release of endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin, often referred to as “love hormones”, This promotes relaxation and nurtures a sense of love and belonging

Kangaroo Care

“When babies are held naked against their mother’s skin, it is the closest they can get to
being back in the warmth and security of the womb. It is the only place in which newborns
have survived for the last million years, and developed toward optimal health. It is in our DNA to crave skin contact. Skin contact after birth supports the maturation of the nervous system as we continue to provide sensations and stimulus into the brain which is familiar to the baby from the womb. This allows a sense of continuing their journey from the safe
environment of the womb into the world and makes adjustments easier”-Nils Bergham
Skin to skin is a low cost, easily accessible way to help regulate the health of premature or newborn

I will go into this in more depth and provide ways to care for your newborn through skin to skin.

Swaddle, containment, and creating a nest

Swadling is a lovely way to calm a fussy baby, it can give them a sense of security and tightness that in a way mimics the womb. It can help with flailing arms  and jerky reflexes, which can often disturb a newborn. The act of swaddling almost envelopes a baby with a continuous soft and calming touch, so when it is not possible to hold the baby, a swaddle is a fantastic way to mimic being cuddled and carried. 

Of course there are safety precautions that must be considered and adhered to when choosing to swaddle a baby, And this course shows you just how to do it! 

Massage, yoga and reflexology for the newborn

A newborn is very different anatomically, therefore how we massage a newborn will look different to how we massage older children and infants. Gentle still hold touch is perfect for our newborns, it shows them love, it calms their nervous system, it regulates their heartbeat and body temperature.

Soothe, settle and sleep in the early days

You may have heard many scare stories about how awful newborn sleep is…well I’m here to help ensure you have created the perfect environment for your little one, to enable them to feel relaxed and secure enough to have settled and calm nights. I will empower you to have the knowledge and tools to help your babies. 

Family Centered Support

Your complete Guide to the early days

This ultimate newborn baby course is for all parents who want to be in tune, nurture, support, soothe settle and love their new babies! 

I’d love to share with you everything I know and learnt over the years. 

I am truly gentle, and will show you the how and the why babies thrive in this way! 

Your investment in this course is an investment in your babies future emotional, social and physical health. 


Create lasting connections, wire their brains for love and emotional security