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How to reduce stress as a new parent

How to reduce stress as a new parent

Becoming a new parent is undoubtably stressful. There are many new responsibilities and it can be extremely hard adjusting to life with a new baby. Giving yourself space to reduce stress levels as a new parent is essential during the early days. 

Top tips to lower stress levels for new parents.

It is important to remember that stress is a very normal part of becoming a new parent, however if it becomes unmanageable and effects your physical and mental health do reach out to a health professional like your health visitor or GP, they are there to provide services of support.   

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Self help to lower stress levels.

Accept help from others. Do not be afraid to seek out external support from friends and family. Most will jump at the chance to offer a hand in the early days. They can take over duties like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning or watching baby whilst you take a rest. 

Getting enough sleep will lower stress levels.

I know this sounds hypocritical, sleep and babies don’t mix well! But when you are well rested everything seems easier to cope with and your cortisol levels will be much lower. Remember babies attune to your moods so if you feel stress they will experience stress too. 

Pool all your resources to make sure you get as much rest as you can whilst creating positive sleep habits for your new baby. 

I can help you with sleep shaping your newborn.  


Taking time for yourself to reduce levels of stress.

Just a few moments during your day to pause and focus on you and only you will reduce stress levels significantly. 

Think of something you enjoy and do that. It could be exercise, reading taking a bath or chatting with a friend. These are all trusted ways to lower stress. 

Looking after your wellbeing to help you deal with becoming a parent should be as essential as feeding and caring for your new baby. 

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Nourish your body to reduce stress as a new parent

Nourishing and energising your body will help you to cope with new parent stressors. Making sure to replenish lost energy with whole foods packed with vitamins and nutrients will ensure that your body works in sync with your mind. 

Try to avoid convenience foods such as caffeine, processed and sugary drinks that encourage energy crashes. 

Exercising can stimulate stress reducing hormones such as dopamine. 

Sit down and breath deeply into your whole body will feed your brain with oxygen and help to calm anxious and racing thoughts. 


Additional tips for coping with stress as a new parent

Set realistic expectations. It is important to remember that you are not always going to get it right. There will be times when you doubt yourself and feel like you are failing, thats ok. We all do, but just keep trying. 

Do not compare yourself to other parents. We are all different and that in itself is amazing. Something that may work for one family might not work for you, you just need to find your own way.

Remember it is all a passing phase, a small season in your parenting journey. Every stage comes with a new challenge and fresh joy. 

As you continue on your parenting path your will discover your personal stress triggers and here you can put steps in place to prevent any increase in bad stress. 

By following these simple tips you can help to lower your stress levels as a new parent and enjoy this exciting and special time in your life. 


Reach out if you need additional support. 

“You need to do more than just eat nurishing food, exercise and rest to feel your best, you also need to be around good people. Spend time healing your emotional history, live in alignment with your values, say no to people pleasing, stay open to growth and deeply embrace change”

Yung Pueblo

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