Cheshire Baby Massage Classes

Six Unique Workshops to Soothe, Relax And Settle Your New Baby

Baby Classes For Everyone

What to Expect

Newborns require food to survive and touch to thrive. 


Touch is the sense that new babies thrive off and they need this just as much as food.

6 unique workshops

Each week we nurture you and your baby, arming you with essential baby knowledge

fall deeply in love

Let the oxytocin flow, watch, touch and read your baby though loving massage strokes

soothe, settle & relax

Strokes to, soothe sore tummy’s, strengthen  muscles and relax the nervous system.

A new mum during a Cheshire baby massage class run by Katie from Baby and you with Katie. She has her hands on the baby's chest whilst looking into his eyes.

Baby Massage Classes In Cheshire that are dedicated to your wellbeing



Ease symptoms of colic with gentle massage strokes and calming holds



Build your emotional attachment through touch and loving strokes



The more you can massage, the more your baby will relax and settle



After the relaxing baby massage class in Cheshire, your baby will sleep soundly



Oxytocin is the love drug, come to my baby massage classes in Cheshire to get your fix!



Your baby needs a healthy dose of sensory input, that includes touch, smell, eye contact and movement


Tummy time

Tummy time is essential for all round development, come and find out why and how to love daily tummy play



We cant do this alone and through these baby massage classes in Cheshire you can find your tribe.

Suitable from birth to when your baby is crawling and on the move, These Baby and You massage classes in the heart of Cheshire have been created to give you and your new baby the very best start in your life’s journey.  Each session is dedicated to your wellbeing, focusing on the transition from woman to mother.

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Local Cheshire Classes Perfect for You and Your Baby

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One off baby workshops for new parents in Cheshire

Katie holding her newborn son, with their faces almost touching representing face to face sleep consultations

A powerful, transformative meditation circle for new mums 

newborn baby sleepin on his tummy with a white blanket draped across his back
Tummy time

Inspirational ways to use and love tummy time with your new baby

Baby yawning in a white bed with a teddy next to him. Consultation with Baby and you with Katie
Sleep workshops

Group workshops both online and in person

Get together with other new mums and find your village

Essential support for motherhood

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