Remote Sleep Shaping

I know you are struggling

Lets Help your child to sleep

If your baby is waking multiple times each night, won’t nap, or will only fall asleep by feeding. I am glad you are here and ready to transform your nights with my remote sleep consultations.

whole family support

the wellbeing of every family member becomes part of the plan

personalised advice

Sleep help bespoke to your child that changes as your child sleep evolves

routines to fit you

Sleep, play and relax routines to suit your family

support when you need

Unlimited daily support during your plan via WhatsApp

Discover the perfect solution for your families unique needs. With my remote baby and child sleep consultations and a quick phone call I can generate the perfect package to suit your needs and budget.  Dedicated to providing a quality of service that is reflective of my passion, experience and extensive training which is all geared towards supporting parents like yourself, in achieving peaceful nights and restful sleep for their children.


Every baby, every family, every parent is uniquely individual; and so are my sleep plans

Is this your dream?

To reduce bedtime drama

Bedtime anxiety is stressful and hard on everyone

To sleep for longer stretches

Consolidating sleep into longer and managable stretches

To reduce night time feeding

To help you feel more rested and less stressed during the day time

To nap for longer

So you can get jobs done, or have a little downtime

Using my ‘No tears, Just Love, approach we can achieve your dreams simply and easily with little to no stress. Apply for a place with my remote sleep consultations and feel the weight lifted as I guide you to a happier, healthier sleep routine. 

expert baby sleep advice

Find the joy in parenting again

Local in home sleep consultations

Living in Cheshire, and prefer the personal and face to face touch? Find out more and my availability for a visit. 

Get together with other parents and learn about your wonderful baby too...

Local Cheshire baby and child classes

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