Newborn Sleep Shaping

Follow your dreams and sleep like a baby


Loving your newborn to sleep

No guilt, no anxiety, no fear of getting it wrong. Newborn sleep Shaping supports your babies healthy brain development.


Know what to do when your baby wakes in the night


What your new baby needs through their behaviour and cues


Feeling like you know what is normal for their stage of development


Being able to let go of the stress so you can enjoy new parenthood

Katie holding her newborn son, with their faces almost touching representing face to face sleep consultations

Find a calmer balance during the fourth trimester

Gentle ways to help settle your baby

No tears, just love; Responsive, nurturing and instinctive methods.

Navigate your new normal in life

Newborn life is a juggle and a rollercoaster, know what to expect and when.

Create the ideal sleep environment

A babies sleep environment is vital to protect their future sleep needs.

Read your babies behaviour cues

Using the Brazelton method, I will teach you just what your new baby is asking for. 

Why choose me?

I get you, I get what you are experiencing and I know you find it hard, but love it in equal measures. My goal is to release the stressors, help you let go of the guilt and provide real advice and ways to help you all.  I will reassure you when you doubt yourself and empower you to trust your instincts and the tools I provide you with. 

Face to face sleep consultations.

Have your Cheshire baby sleeping like a dream.

Popular Services

Explore your options from Baby and You with Katie

African baby dressed in white sleeping with his hand under his head. Contented.

Consultations to support you in the earliest stages of parenting

White mother with blond hair cuddling her child on the sofa.
0-6yrs sleep coach

Find your ideal attachment focused sleep coaching package

Baby lay on a towel, with his mothers hands lay on his bare chest
Group classes

Discover workshops and classes held in Cheshire for local parents.

Settle your child to sleep without anxiety or stress

Transformative, gentle, effective

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