Baby & Child Sleep Consultations

Solving Sleep Challenges With The Baby And You No Tears Just Love Method

Bespoke Support Throughout Your Baby And Child Sleep Consultation

Your plan for your child. There is no one size fit all here.

No  child is the same, and not one family the same, so it makes perfect sense not to treat each consultation the same as the last.

Each time we chat there may be new elements to explore, a little like a jigsaw puzzle fitting together finally!

Caucasian family, Mum, Dad and small baby. All laydown on a bed sleeping peacefully.

I'm for you if you need friendly but focused support with your child 0-6yrs

Gain your confidence to transform poor sleep quickly

After we speak for the first time, I know you will feel ready and empowered to transform bad nights into peaceful relaxed and enjoyable nights. 

Even if you have a blip mid-way, Ill be there to pick you back up and encourage you to keep going

Child of around 4 years old sleeping in bed with white duvet cover
sleep consultations

Nurturing your child to sleep

Sleep Consultation Support Available

All support will suit the needs of your family. Cheshire face to face or remote support. I’m here to hold your hand along the way.

African baby dressed in white sleeping with his hand under his head
Newborn Sleep Shaping

Set the ideal environment for sleep success 

Caucasian family, Mum, Dad and small baby. All laydown on a bed sleeping peacefully.
In-Home Consultations

Face to face within Cheshire for that personal touch. 

remote baby sleep consultations
Remote Consultations

Sleep support from the comfort of your own home, near or far.

White mother with blond hair cuddling her child on the sofa.

Respite and hands on guidance. choose up to 3 night packages. 

Be social with other Mums and help your baby too...

Group and private classes held within Cheshire. 

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