I am passionate about supporting families through the early weeks to first years of parenting. My approach is both gentle and holistic. With a keen interest in promoting attachment and infant wellbeing throughout both my classes and sleep coaching services. I provide every family with nurturing support.

You Can Get The Sleep You And Your Family Need.

I support sleep deprived parents both online and in person locally. I can help you get the good night's sleep you deserve.

Begin your nurturing journey into parenthood through my newborn in the fourth trimester course, with me supporting you all the way.

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Sleep Coaching Services

Helping Families With Young Children To Get Better Sleep

Does your little one fight bedtimes or nap times?
Are they waking before 6am every day?
Are they waking multiple times a night?
Are you so tired you can’t cope much longer? 

You have come to the right place. Get real advice and support for improving your child’s sleep right now.

Baby Massage

Learn How To Relax And Soothe Your Baby

Baby massage is the most wonderful skill. Not only can it help to ease the pain from wind, colic, constipation and even teething but it is a fantastic way to connect and bond with your baby. Touch is our babies first language, and a positive gentle loving touch develops the brain for love and attachment!! 

Group classes are a great way to meet other Mums and make friends for your maternity leave journey and beyond!

Baby Yoga to Toddler yoga

Baby Yoga, stretch and relax is the perfect follow on class to massage

 Yoga with our infants Is a wonderful class to experience, is not just about promoting health and developmental benefits for babies. It’s about creating positive attachments and strong loving connections which help to support a baby’s emotional and social development. There is also a strong emphasis on your maternal wellness, through gentle stretching, breath and relaxation you will leave these sessions feeling ready to take on the day. 

Baby yoga offers a way for parents to include development play in their daily lives with their babies. What we teach is so much more than just stretching. Movement is the foundation of many of the higher complex functions we perform.

These classes run from 10 weeks to pre-school age.

newborn nurture course

Newborn Nurture in the 4th trimester

This wonderful nurturing course is for all new parents. It looks at a range of techniques to empower parents in touch and attachment. This course is sure to give the most loving, nurturing and gentle introduction into life from the very day they are born. 
We will explore
Rocking and holding
Swaddling/creating a nest
Kangaroo mother care
Containment holds
Still touch
Early touch
newborn massage
Baby reflexology
Fourth trimester support. 
This is an online course, with live webinars of support from me. A locked support Facebook group with every cohort, daily inspiration and tailored advise. 
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I'm Katie, The founder of Baby and You (sleep, massage, relax and nurture)
Mum of Sebastian, dog mum to Alfie! Lover of attachment and gentle parenting

Here To Support You

About Me

Baby and You was founded after the birth of my son in 2017. I knew I needed to fine tune my business to work around and suit the juggle of family life. 

So while the baby slept I studied! 

I studied holistic sleep coaching to level 6 OCN

Newborn Nurture in the fourth trimester Accredited Practitioner

Baby massage instructor

Baby to toddler yoga instructor. 

And my studies continue!! 

I am always updating to the absolute best within my field. 

I have a huge passion baby and parental attachment through touch, play and emotional connection. 

I love to meet new families and share all this knowledge, so you don’t need to spend hours on google!

You can also expect a warm, friendly, relaxed and realistic approach! 

I can’t wait to hear from you!! 

Katie xx 


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