Baby Sleep Support Cheshire

Is your family crying out (literally!) for a good nights sleep? Then it’s time to get baby sleep support in Cheshire

Baby sleep support in Cheshire

I’m Katie, an expert sleep consultant based in Cheshire that specialises in helping you to navigate your way through the complicated world of new parenthoood…

Remote sleep coaching for a bespoke service that can reach far and wide helping you to get your families best nights sleep…


Expert Baby sleep support within Cheshire. Face to face consultations that provide you with that personal service baby sleep coaching…


A tailored and bespoke overnight sleep consultation to support you in your own home, in and around Macclesfield Cheshire.


Uniquely designed Six weeks of soothing, relaxing and settling your new baby with baby massage being the core focus.



Respectful sleep solutions
for you and your
family that work

No tears, just love...

Sleep coaching for babies and children 0-6 years.

The baby & You  ‘no tears, just love’ programme will show you ways to learn just what your child needs to enable them to enjoy restful nights, all with drama free bedtimes. 

Let's solve this together...

A discovery call is completely free – we can explore the options together…

Here for

You are not on your own, I’m here to work with you and support you. 

Katie cradling her newborn son with her face touching his

Baby and You With Katie


Solutions focussed support to help you manage – and find joy – in the biggest journey of your life…

Katie founder of sleep coaching in Cheshire is leaning against a wall, wearing a white top and blue jeans.

Happy words from happy parents...

“Katie went above and beyond what I expected and I cannot thank her enough for all the help that she has provided”

I have a passion for supporting families with young children, and, love nothing more than witnessing the transformation from tired, stressed, frustrated and anxious to happy, thriving and loving family life. 

Lack of sleep can affect your entire family and impact on those close relationships. My approach is both gentle on you, as the parents, and on your children. 

This is why, I set up my service, Baby & You With Katie, to honour my mission by changing  how we view sleep and to show you ways that you can get sleep, whilst remaining gentle and responsive to your children. 

Katie signature

Not just sleep support.

If each baby came with their own handbook we could just enjoy the experience of those newborn days!

Sadly they don’t and equally as sad some babies are tricky to figure out.  Reaching the stage where all the books, blogs and instagram feeds just don’t fit your babies mold, you might be wondering where to turn to next.  Or maybe you want to learn more about your babies unique language and communication skills? 

As a Brazelton newborn behaviour and communications practitioner we can decipher exactly how your baby is responding to their new world and environment. 

You may even be looking for local new baby classes to join.  Baby & You with Katie has lots of choice!

Extensive & Flexible

Parents just like you have benefited from these popular services.  Learn more below

Baby lay on a towel, with his mothers hands lay on his bare chest
Soothe settle & sleep classes in Cheshire

Group classes held in Cheshire

Caucasian father playing with his child. The baby is laughing.
Understanding your newborn's

Get to know your Newborn’s language.

African baby dressed in white sleeping with his hand under his head. Contented.
face to face
sleep support in Cheshire

Relaxed face to face sleep support.

A young infant in the foetal position sleeping on a bed with white sheets.

Serving families near and far

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